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Client Stories

After investigating the facts of the case, Bruce met with me and explained what to expect. He took me through his convincing analysis step-by-step and answered all of my questions. He explained what he thought the best outcome could be and explained his proposed strategy to achieve it.

Then, over the next few months, he did exactly what he said he would do in the shortest possible time frame, and the outcome was exactly what he predicted. I do not think the result of the case could have ended any better than it did under Bruce’s direction.

However, a swift and satisfactory settlement of the case is only part of the story.

Bruce became personally involved and assisted with other matters not directly related to the settlement of the case. Bruce and his staff were an invaluable resource to me.

My ward was so seriously injured that his recovery took over a year. It involved multiple hospitals, doctors, nursing facilities, and social service agencies. Bruce knows Asheville, and he helped open doors that I never would have known existed. He went beyond the call of duty and advised me how to deal with the health care system and how to best utilize the funds from the settlement for the benefit of my ward.

In working with Bruce, I quickly felt that I was lucky to have a friend who happened to be a fine lawyer. I always felt that he treated me as he would treat a friend. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bruce to anyone needing help with a personal injury case.

If Bruce has a shortcoming, it is that he does not share my love of Japanese cuisine. That was more than made up for by the availability of his fine parking spaces in downtown Asheville.

John Gellman