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Mediation In Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Cases

In the course of a personal injury case, the injured party will likely have to attend mediation if a lawsuit is filed. Mediation is a type of settlement conference where all parties to the lawsuit sit down with an independent mediator in an effort to settle the case. Mediation conferences occur in all North Carolina… read more

Financial Compensation for Dog Bite Victims

When a person is attacked by a dog, they can sustain many injuries and losses, including would include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In a serious dog attack, the medical bills alone can be tens of thousands of dollars and the person may suffer lifelong physical consequences. The person who owns the… read more

Landlord Liability When A Tenant Is Injured

There are times when a residential tenant is injured due to a defect at his or her rental property. Whether it be rotten boards on a porch, no handrails on a stairwell, or broken tiles in a bathroom, tenants can suffer serious and potentially deadly injuries when premises are not maintained the way they should…. read more

Smaller Car Wreck Claims Are Being Denied By Insurance Companies

In recent years, a disturbing trend is surfacing with smaller car accident cases. Insurance companies are refusing to pay claims to accident victims for property damage. These crashes usually involve little to no personal injury. Instead, the innocent driver’s vehicle has suffered damage that the at-fault driver’s insurer won’t pay. Sometimes, the car’s damage is… read more

Filing Medical Bills: A Necessary Step Following a Personal Injury Accident

Personal injury lawyers are often asked by clients if they need to file medical bills with their own health insurance company. These procedure questions can be a result of an automobile wreck on another accident. The answer to that question is “yes,” even if the auto wreck or other personal injury accident is someone else’s… read more

Elmore and Smith Law Firm, PC Accepting Applications For North Carolina High School Marching Band Scholarship

The Elmore and Smith Law Firm, PC is offering scholarship opportunities for high school marching bands in western North Carolina. Each year, the Asheville, N.C. personal injury attorneys provide sponsorships to residents of their local communities. Firm attorneys Bruce Elmore and Ruth Smith have spent more than three decades protecting the rights of western North… read more

Using Pet Restrains to Avoid Distracted Driving

Most of us consider our pets to be a part of the family. It’s fun to have a companion to bring on vacation, to the park or even on a quick trip to the store. However, it can be a dangerous or even deadly distraction if your pet is not properly restrained. Distracted driving can… read more

The Different Stages of the Social Security Disability Application Process

Disabled persons applying for social security disability benefits can face a long and sometimes difficult application process.  The social security disability application process consists of distinct major stages, which can individually take months or even years.   The Initial Determination Stage Once a person applies for social security disability, their first opportunity to obtain disability benefits… read more

What Happens When Personal Injury Cases Go to Federal Court

In North Carolina, there are two (2) separate judicial systems where personal injury cases might be tried:  state court and federal court.    State court is the de facto jurisdiction for personal injury cases.  Personal injury cases are, for the most part, based upon state laws regarding negligence.  In North Carolina, every county in the state… read more