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Personal Injury Attorney in Hendersonville, NC

800px Henderson courthouse 9239If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an automobile or other accident, you might wonder if you should consult a personal injury lawyer. The answer is often yes, as you need to know your legal rights under North Carolina law.

The personal injury attorneys at Elmore and Smith Injury Law help injured victims, including those involved in a car accident, protect their rights. We’re also experienced in dealing with insurance companies and know how to hold them accountable, so they don’t compromise your rights to recovery.

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Do you live or work in the Hendersonville, NC, area and believe you have a personal injury claim? Under state law, you must establish negligence to recover compensation. Here’s what it typically takes to prove negligence:

  1. Duty of care is the obligation to take reasonable steps to not cause foreseeable or predictable harm to another person or their property. For instance, in a car accident, the driver who caused your injury had a duty of care to drive safely.
  2. Breach of duty: It must be proved a person violated their duty of care. For example, in the case of an automobile accident, you might need to prove the driver who caused your injuries ran a red light.
  3. Causation shows that a breach of duty is the reason for your injuries.
  4. Damages and injuries you sustain must be proven, typically with medical records, financial statements, and testimony.

A personal injury claim frequently involves complex legal issues best handled by an experienced attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Elmore and Smith Injury Law work quickly to investigate your claim, preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and begin documenting your injuries.

We have the extensive resources needed to take on any personal injury case and provide valuable support in helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Hendersonville

Our practice includes handling all types of motor vehicle personal injury claims, including:

  • Auto accidents: Insurance companies typically offer car accident victims minimal compensation for their injuries because they want to avoid paying out on claims. Our car accident attorneys help protect your rights.
  • Motorcycle accidents: When a motorcyclist is involved in a vehicle accident, they usually sustain severe injuries. Our attorneys are experienced in helping motorcycle accident victims get full compensation.
  • Truck accidents: Sadly, accidents involving 18-wheelers often have catastrophic and devastating outcomes such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage. Truck accident victims usually face a long healing process and can expect substantial medical bills. Our personal injury attorneys can help by determining whether you can seek compensation and how much you might be entitled to.

Along with vehicular accidents, Elmore and Smith Injury Law handles several other types of personal injury cases, including:

What To Expect When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Each personal injury case is unique, but most follow the same process. Once you consult with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys, they investigate the facts and, if warranted, send a demand letter to the insurer, other parties, or their attorney.

If a fair settlement isn’t reached, a personal injury lawsuit is filed, and the discovery phase begins to collect all relevant documents and evidence for trial.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you’re entitled to requires skill, compassion, and determination.

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